Product Photo Shoot for Ann B Crafts Jewellery Collection

Thanks to Ann at Ann B Crafts for the opportunity photograph some craft jewellery pieces. One of the things I was keen to do was photograph the pieces on a textured background in addition to the usual white table product photography set up.

Ann managed to find a piece of driftwood and a large piece of slate that were just perfect for the first shoot. I set up in the garden in a shady spot and got to work. To get the detail in the pieces I used a Canon 100mm macro lens. The images turned out great.

The full set of images from this first part of the shoot are available on my Flickr site.

Next day I set up a product photography table in my dining room next to the large window. That way I could get plenty of natural light acting as a key light. I also added a couple of extra lights.


I used the macro lens to get the same level of detail.

The table had a very smooth white plastic sheet that it was possible to bend to create a nice infinity curve. I also experimented with the black background that came with the kit but the the results weren’t as good or consistent. I took images of all the pieces. That way Ann B Crafts has two different styles of image for each piece in the collection that can then be used in the Facebook shop and the e-commerce website.

The gallery below has some of the images from that part of the shoot. To see the full set click over to the album on my Flickr site.

For the final part of the shoot I wanted to give Ann another set of images where you can see what the pieces look like when you are wearing them. I did this shoot down at Ocean Village in Southampton. It is a pretty cool location. We didn’t have a lot of time for the shoot but got some really good images all the same. Huge thanks to Kamila Lukáčková for being the jewellery model and to Abbie Jones for helping me as photography assistant.

These photos are absolutely fantastic, just brilliant, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was nothing as good as this.
— Ann Bingham, Ann B Crafts