Creating a new website for Ann B crafts


Huge thanks to Ann at Ann B Crafts for asking me to create the new Ann B Crafts website. The new website is now live and Ann is thrilled with it:

“My website was out of date and getting very little traffic. I approached Steve as I’d heard some great things about the work he had done and asked him to take a look. We had several consultations to discuss what I wanted to do and he was able to identify areas that were not working. Steve arranged a product photo shoot, recommended the site was rebuilt from the ground up with a new modern look. From the start I was filled with confidence, his enthusiasm was infectious and in what seemed like no time at all the site was ready to relaunch. I can’t believe the impact the site has had since it went live. Interest in my jewellery and more importantly, sales are up by over 100%. I can’t recommend Steve’s services highly enough, I just wish I’d known about him sooner.”


Ann had an existing web site that was Wordpress and hosted on 123Reg, as was the .com domain name. As with the websites I created for Sarah Dryden and HitsvilleUK I was keen to get Ann moved on to the excellent SquareSpace platform and at the same time move the domain name over to SquareSpace. That way it is easier for Ann to renew the subscription for the website and the domain registration all in the same place. The transfer all went smoothly (although it takes a few days to go through) and the website is now live.

The key to a great website is great content and great photography. That is why in the initial meeting with Ann I suggested some new photography to really show off the craft jewellery pieces to their best advantage. You can read about the photoshoot for the jewellery products on an earlier blog post. I am really pleased with the way the site turned out. The photography and the design really give the site a professional edge.

I can of course highly recommend Ann B Crafts if you are looking for that special something for your loved one or a special occasion. Ann is fantastic to work with. Check out the website at

If you are looking to create a website or reboot an existing site then give me a holler. Contact me via the contact form here on this site or email me on


Written and published by:
Steve Hogg
Cosmic Egg Productions