Music and audio recording

I have a small recording studio in the garden behind my house. I set it up as a drum studio so that I could record my kit. There is a 5 piece Sonor kit as well as a 5 piece Roland electronic kit. The drum mics are connected to an 8 channel interface and the electronic kit connects via midi. I record using ProTools.

The studio is big enough to fit a couple of band members in at a time so it’s great for recording bass, guitar and keyboard tracks as well as vocals and acoustic instruments.

If you are looking for low cost audio recording for pre-production or band/artist demos then this is a good option. I can also lay down a drum track for you if you need it. The music recording rate is £20 per hour.

I also record drum tracks for other artists. Here is recent video I created for DJ and producer Natalia Data. I played drums on the track and then created the video for Natalia.

The electronic kit sounds great recorded as I am using the Steven Slate plug in. Here are a couple of tracks recorded on the Roland Kit:

So give me a call on 07764 617 713