Creating a new website for - a fantastic punk graphic design resource is a website that showcases the research and graphic design work of Dr Russ Bestley.


Russ’s research in to punk graphic design from 1976 to 1984 is visually represented on the site alongside Russ’s portfolio of punk graphic design work. If you are a graphic designer or interested in the punk era then this is a great resource and a site that is well worth a visit. A highlight is the punk singles matrix which is a visual timeline of all the punk singles released in the punk era.

The introduction on the home page of the site explains it best:

This website is based on research conducted by graphic designer and punk historian Russ Bestley over the past twenty years. Building upon and extending research conducted during his PhD, Hitsville UK: Punk Rock and Graphic Design in the Faraway Towns, 1976-84, the site features links to a range of visual material as well as downloads of books, articles, essays and other print material related to punk and graphic design.

To create the site I used the SquareSpace platform. The great thing about that was the ability to create galleries of design artwork and event photos fairly easily. Much of Russ’s graphic design work was in high res print format so I used Lightroom and Photoshop to resize and reformat the material in to a web friendly format.

I contacted Steve at Cosmic Egg to help me with a full update and redesign of my website,, since the former site was at least ten years old and had lost much of its functionality. I wanted a relatively simple new site that could host a range of visual work based on my research into punk subcultures and music graphics together with a host platform for free user downloads of books, articles and other work I have been involved with over the past 20 years.

Steve listened carefully to my requirements and worked closely with me through the whole process – including setting up new domain name and site hosting and the editing and arrangement of content. He took my graphic work and helped to build a really exciting new site that really allows the visuals to shine through.

Russ Bestley

It was a huge pleasure to create the site for Russ as I am a big fan of the punk era myself.

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Written and published by:
Steve Hogg
Cosmic Egg Productions