Playing on one of the last punk shows at the Talking Heads

The Talking Heads has been a venue in Southampton for as long as I have lived here. Not so long ago it relocated to the Polygon area of the city. Always a great gig and even better in the new space. Sadly though it is no longer and has gone the way of so many small venues. What a loss for new music.

It was an honour then to be asked to play one of the final punk shows at the venue with my band The Reaktors. We were opening for punk legends Peter and the Test Tube Babies. Also on the line up was Portsmouth's Acid Attack.

It was great night and we got a great reception from the punk audience. Great turn out too. Acid Attack played a very good set indeed. Strong band. The headliners didn't disappoint and showed what a good band they are. Great guitarist.

Images by Matt Rayner