First music collaboration from the new studio space

Space Station Hope

Now that I am all set up in the new studio it was great to get a collaboration going with electronic music producer and composer Natalia Data. I got talking to Natalia and asked her to send me some tracks. At the time I was thinking more about using the tracks for practice sessions.

Natalia sent me a really amazing track called Space Station Hope that had programmed drums and I couldn't resist putting live drums over the top. Check out the video of the collaboration:

I filmed the drum track recording using a GoPro mounted on the ceiling above the kit. I mixed the drums and then got to work on making a video using the GoPro footage plus some additional 'spacey' clips. I sent Natalia the video and the track and she loved it so I filmed her in her home studio performing the track and put it all together for the promo above.

Huge thanks to Natalia for letting me play on the track.