Beach shoot for new t-shirt line aimed at surfing community

The photoshoot for a new line of t-shirts aimed at the surfing community was the brief for a shoot and where better to do that than on the beach on a sunny day. Trouble was by the time we got to the t-shirts being available we were in October. The weather was looking like a sunny day on the Sunday so we went for it. Turned out the winter sun was low in the sky in the afternoon and though it was freezing cold I got some great shots that everyone was really delighted with.

Didn't all go smoothly though as I was shooting on the 5D mark 2 and I had been having some problems with the CF card. I reformatted the camera on my laptop and in the camera and did a few test shots at home the night before. I was still worried about the card though so took my laptop so that I could transfer images over during the shoot just to be sure. Sure enough after taking a 100 or so images they wouldn't transfer over.

Luckily Adam (who I was shooting) brought his own 7D that he had just bought a week or so before so I redid the shoot on that. Saved the day and the pics from his 7D were great. Big lesson learned though. Any doubts about the integrity of your card...chuck it in the bin!