Website creation

It’s much easier now to create a website for yourself, your project or your business than ever before. Platforms such as Wix, SquareSpace and Wordpress mean that you don’t need to be a code guru to create a great looking site that works on PCs, macs, tablets and phones too. However, if you aren’t overly confident with online tech it can be out of reach.

That’s where I can help. I started out as a web developer writing code everyday for a living but these days I can create websites quicker and faster on a platform like SquareSpace. In fact this website is a great example. It is so easy to update with new content too.

I also have a BSc (Hons) Computer Studies and an MSc Software Engineering Management as well as being Prince 2 Project Management Practitioner qualified.

So why not get in touch on 07764 617 713 and we can chat through your website project.

New website created for Sarah Dryden on the SquareSpace platform.

New website created for Sarah Dryden on the SquareSpace platform.

Recent work includes a website for photographer and researcher Sarah Dryden. You can view Sarah’s new site at

Steve did fantastic job in creating my new website. I would highly recommend his services.
— Sarah Dryden

Another recent project was to create a website for HitsvilleUK. HitsvilleUK is a fantastic resource if you are interested in the punk and post punk era 1976 to 1984 and has some excellent articles available for downloading as well as examples of punk inspired graphic design. It is the website of punk history researcher and graphic designer Dr Russ Bestley. You can read more about the project on the blog and view the website at

I contacted Steve at Cosmic Egg to help me with a full update and redesign of my website,, since the former site was at least ten years old and had lost much of its functionality. I wanted a relatively simple new site that could host a range of visual work based on my research into punk subcultures and music graphics together with a host platform for free user downloads of books, articles and other work I have been involved with over the past 20 years.

Steve listened carefully to my requirements and worked closely with me through the whole process – including setting up new domain name and site hosting and the editing and arrangement of content. He took my graphic work and helped to build a really exciting new site that really allows the visuals to shine through.

Russ Bestley

One of my favourite web design and development projects was to create a website for the Southampton Cenotaph Friends and Family Group. This came about via Southampton Solent University when I was asked if I could create a website for the group. It was a really interesting project that I got some students involved in. I set the site up in The idea being that it would be possible for the Friends and Family Group to update the pages themselves. Wordpress is great for that. The students made some media for the site including a short film and some interactive elements that they built in Flash as part of their course work.

In Wordpress you can create your own header image. I wanted to create a montage that captured the era. I had recently visited the museum of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Netley on the outskirts of Southampton. There is only the original chapel left now that contains the museum. I knew that they had some fantastic photographs on display of World War 1 soldiers. So I asked if I could use them and they very kindly lent them to me so that I could scan them. That let me create the header image.


I did a few training sessions for the group so that they were self sufficient with the website with some technical support from a phone call or an email away. The site grew to be a fantastic social history resource for the soldiers and servicemen whose names are remembered on the Southampton Cenotaph. The group had a team of volunteer researchers that trace the stories. Many members of the public who are descendants and relatives of the servicemen have got in touch, often from overseas, via the website.

A great example is the page for Edward Sibley who was killed in action at Ypres. Please follow this link and have a look at the page. The story is very moving as are all the stories of course.

Header photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash